Cervix Self-Screening Results and Follow Up

You and your health care provider will receive results in 4-6 weeks after mailing in your kit. If your result shows HPV was found, this does not mean you have or will develop cancer. It does, however, mean you have a high-risk type of HPV. Knowing that you have HPV will help you and your health care provider figure out next steps. Depending on your result, you may need a Pap test or colposcopy.


People can have a range of feelings when their results show that HPV was found. It’s very normal to have questions and concerns.

If your result shows no high-risk HPV was found, this means that you are very unlikely to have abnormal cells in your cervix. You do not need another screen for five years. HPV testing every five years is as safe as Pap testing every three years.

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